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Justin OConnor

Academy MMA LAB
blue belt
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  • age: 26
  • Weight: 170
  • affiliation: JCBJJ
  • nationality: United States
  • Competitions: 1
  • Championships Championships


  • 2nd place 2nd place


  • 3rd place 3rd place


  • Earnings Earnings


Wins 0
By Overtime (0%)
By Disqualification (0%)
Loss 1
By Overtime (100%)
By Disqualification (0%)

Fighter biography

Hello! My name is Justin OConnor & I’m a mma fighter looking to test his ground game against the best around! I’ve been training for almost 12 years now & have developed a wrestling/Jiu Jitsu style that’s been quite effective for me. When I’m not training I enjoy coding, art, hanging with friends, and discovering ways to improve my self (both physically and mentally). I’ve never competed in a cash prize tournament but I believe I have what it takes to win it all!