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  1. Rules
    1. Fixed Step
      1. The Goal:
        1. Make your opponent move one or more of their feet off of their footboards and touch the ground without moving your own feet and touching the ground yourself.
      2. Scoring:
        1. Score 1 POINT for moving your opponent and causing one or both of their feet to leave their footboards and touch the ground.
        2. Score 2 POINTS for causing your opponent to fall off their footboards and touch the floor with any other part of their body other than their feet. (hand, knee, back, etc)
        3. No points will be given if both players push or drag their opponents off of the footboards at the same time. You must remain on your foot boards to score a point. Your foot MAY be raised off the platform, but it CANNOT touch the ground. It must be placed back on the footboard.
        4. Players start with their right feet forward first, and “push” until one player scores 7 points.
        5. After one player scores 7 points, they will then switch to their left feet forward and “push” until one player reaches 7 points.
        6. If the same player wins on both sides the match is over. If each player wins a side the match will go into overtime.
        7. Overtime will start with a coin toss. The winner of the coin toss gets to decide which foot they want to start forward. Then players will “push” until 3 points are scored. The first player to 3 points in overtime wins the match.
      3. Starting position:
        1. Foot Position:
          1. Each Player will be given 2 footboards (a front foot and a rear foot) footboards 16 inches long and 6 inches wide
          2. The front foot boards of each Player must be placed adjacent to each other. (see diagram below)
          3. The rear footboards can be placed by a player according to his/her comfort lever. A taller player may desire a wider stance than a shorter player. (see diagram below)
        2. Hand position:
          1. Lead Hands must be placed back of wrist to back of wrist
          2. Rear Hands must be place on on opponents Lead elbow
          3. This is what the starting position will look like
      4. Rules:
        1. Contact Area:
          1. The contact area for hands is collar bone to hip.
          2. No touching the face, head or neck.
          3. Pushing and pulling on the shoulder is allowed
          4. No closed fist striking
          5. Open palm pushing is legal at any speed
          6. Not touching below the waist with the hands
          7. You may use your leg to off balance your opponent’s leg when your foot is on your footboard. You cannot raise your foot off the footboard to strike with the knee or kick.
          8. No grabbing of clothing
          9. Greco Roman clinch is allowed (overhooks/underhooks etc)
        2. Techniques:
          1. Players can push, pull and grab any part of the body above the waist and below the neck.
          2. No grabbing the clothing.
          3. Small joint manipulation and jointlocks for example wristlocks are legal.
          4. NO SMALL JOINT MANIPULATION (I.E. grabbing fingers.
          5. If grabbing fingers, players must grab at least 3 fingers on the opponent's hand.
        3. Clothing:
          1. All forms of clothing are allowed
            1. Clothing must be clean and free from any offensive odors
            2. Players must wear at least a t-shirt and shorts.
            3. No offensive wording or labels
        4. Unsportsmanlike Conduct:
          1. Unintentional mistakes like accidentally touching the face.
            1. First mistake is a warning
            2. Second is a negative point
            3. Third mistake is disqualification
          2. ii. Flagrant fouls or illegal techniques or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in automatic disqualification without a refund.
        5. Moving Step:
      5. Coming soon